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It took time to compile, but finally, I came up with all diaries from France. You can see them in one page if you select category “France” from the right side of this page.


beaujolais nouveau

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今日はボジョレー・ヌーボーの解禁日。会社で普段お世話になっている方々を招いてパーティーをしました。フレンチレストランを貸し切って、ボジョレー・ヌーボーは500本確保 🙂 。今年のは少し軽めで酸っぱい感じ。去年の様な、味も香りも濃い方が好きだなぁ(なら、フルボディのワインを呑めばいいんだけど)。


The third of November is the release day of beaujolais nouveau. As French company, we invited people in corresponding companies. We reserved a French restaurant with 500 bottles of beaujolais nouveau 🙂 This year, it is a bit sourer and lighter comparing to 2003. I prefer full body ones.

I could meet people whom I could not see around these days, and of cause it was fun time. Thanks all.

PC trouble

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PC不具合の理由判明。HDじゃなくて、メモリでした。1枚なら全部、どのソケットでもmemtest試験合格。2枚セットでも、どれでもOK。3枚だとエラー出まくり。どうやら、nForce 2の DDR インターリーブが悪さしている模様。調子悪くなったの土曜日、確証持って復旧したの木曜日。ちかれた…

It was memory that was causing my PC instable – it was not HDD. One module can pass memtest at any sockets. Any pair of modules pass the memtest, too. But when there are three modules, tons of errors in memtest. It seems nForce 2 DDR dual channeling is causing the problem. PC was gone on Saturday, and recovered on Thuresday… I think I have more important things to do :'(



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Windozeマシンがクラッシュ。HDがおかしい模様。nForce 2にして、マザーも2枚換えたけど、なぜかHDが壊れる。この2年で3台は壊れてる。ゲーム専用機だから、ファイルさくっと移動して、初期化するだけでOKなんだがね。明日復帰予定。

Windoze PC crushed. It seems HDD is gone. After moving to nForce 2 platform, changed 2 mother board, but HDD keeps crushing. I got 3 drives crushed in these 2 years. I only play games, so just move files, and then initialize everything. I will be back tomorrow.



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I am home now. Stay was only 10 days, but my sickness made me feel longer. Anyway, I am safe back to home, thanks all.


On 10th, I left the hotel in Lannion at 8h, arrived at the office in Issy at 14h, and had a meeting until 17h. Olivier took us to a fromagerie and a cave near the office to buy cheese and vins. Then called a taxi from the office, got a traffic jam, then arrived at CDG at 20h. The plane took off at 23h30, and arrived at NRT at 18h50 in Japan time.

18時55分に降車開始し、入国審査、税関、NEXの切符買って、19時13分のNEXに余裕で間に合う。入国審査は2番目くらい、手荷物のみなので、ぶっちぎり一番で到着ロビーに 🙂

The door opened at 18h55, passed immigration and custom, bought a ticket for NEX, and made it to get on NEX of 19h13. Quite a good job. I sat the 28th row in the plane, was the 2nd at immigration, and faster than anyone at the exit 🙂 I always travel with cabin bags, so I never wait for luggage.



Souvenirs are cheese and wines. Olivier taught me about cheeses. Thanks for the paper, it helps a lot to study about cheese 😉 He says Patrice is still the best who knows about wine and cheese. Wine I got is French porto. This really works with blue cheese. So, you are all welcome to try 😉

For other days in France, I will post later.


Lannion Day 3

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Had dinner with Franck and Kura. I forgot the restaurant’s name. They serve special plates with original foods from the region.

First plate was row oyster. It was good either with lemon and vinegar. I could not find the differences with Japanese one, though.

Main plate was calf steak with orange sauce. This was excellent.

Last was Brittany cake and time ice cream.

They all look small, but I got full amazingly with such an amount.

I was really happy to spend the last dinner in France with Franck. Thanks a lot, Franck.


Lannion Day 2

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Today was not easy day. I made presentations, but they seemed to be not appearing to them. I had a fever, so I decided to go back to hotel. I and Franck were planning to have dinner together, but postponed to the next day. I went to bed directly and felt asleep…

気がついたら、数時間眠ってた。何か食べないとと思い、ブドウ、リンゴ、洋梨を部屋まで持って来てもらう。食べた後、すぐに寝てしまい、結局16時間ばかし寝てしまった 🙂

A few hours had past already when I got my conscious back. I ordered to bring raisin, apple, and pear to my room, enjoyed them, and felt asleep again. In total, I slept 16 hours at that night 🙂

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