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I came for business, so I need to go to the office. Actually, today is the day to meet people whom I know, so it is more than enjoying to go to the office. Incredible employee… am I? I have not plugged into network for 2 days, so I spent morning for handling e-mails. There was a strange pain in my neck, but did not expecting this will cause such a mess later…


I reunited with Denis whom I know from the first task I did with Philippe. Accompanying with Denis’s colleagues, we went to the same restaurant we went together 2 years ago. Maybe I do not have to write, but again, dishes are so delicious. They are simple, not the big in amount, but both my mind and stomach are satisfied. Nice chat atmosphere to exchange updates, a bit about work over super delicious plates.


Spent the afternoon with ex-colleague Jean-Francois. Again, exchange updates over hot chocolate. (I do not drink coffee 😉 He must be traveling Japan at this moment.


In the evening, had a meeting with Olivier who is friend of Patrice since university and spinned out to create a company. After the meeting, we spent an joyful dinner with Olivier’s family. I and my family met Olivier and his family 2 years ago. Adults used English to communicate, but kids were speaking French and Japanese. It was amazing how they construct relations over different languages. Maybe kids are not depending on verbal communication. It is pity that I forgot to pass and accept concept with others.


For 2 years, I was dreaming Annabelle’s curry. Annabelle’s curry was an excellent curry that changed my life. It has been challenging for me to develop good curry to Annabelle’s, but I have not come to even close to hers yet. Next day was really important day for me to present my project to big boss, so we chose to have shorter way to spend time together. Galet and crape in France are totally different from what we can find in Japan. Cidre is also outstanding. I do not always admits France is the best, but for the foods, they are really nice here (except Sushi). Time with cute Alexandre was heart warming period of time. It made me to recall my kids, and making my colleague to think about marriage 🙂


Coming back to hotel at 10, but go some pain in my head… (to be continued)

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