entering 難しい年頃



– するけど、方法はまだ教えられない
– 恥ずかしい事ではない
– 詳細は学校で教えられる
– 恥ずかしく思う人もいるので、外では話さない


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  1. It’s a very good question indeed…
    Maybe you can tell him that’s copulation between humans is slightly different from in between animals…
    An answer could be:
    “When humans feel Love between each other, they copulate. Animals don’t have to feel love.
    We are humans because we can think and have feelings of happiness, sadness, anger and love, etc.
    Animals don’t have feelings.
    Then, you must understand what’s Love first, to truely understand what’s copulation…”
    It’s an answer among others…

  2. Thanks for a great answer.
    Concept of Love is more difficult to explain… which gives us more time to answer 🙂

  3. Hehe, right! 😉
    Being a father is a very tough job… Maybe the toughest in the world.
    Ganbatte kudasai! (to be pronounced with a French accent)

  4. You can start being father, it’s up to you 🙂
    Your Japanese does not have French accent anymore!

    Any plans to come to Tokyo?

  5. It’d be fun to start being a father 😛
    But I need my gf autorisation first! 😉
    We are planning to go to Tokyo next year, maybe around April or May. I’ll contact you later for further info!